2001 Subaru Legacy For Sale

Here is a great Subaru Legacy Wagon.  If you want great AWD performance but dont want an Outback this is your Car.

We have recently replaced the Head gaskets and Tires, prior to that the timing belt and waterpump were done by a Subaru Dealership.

We have performed a complete safety inspection and taken care of any safety needs, this car is ready for the Winter and many more to come.

2001 Subaru Legacy  for sale

2001 Subaru Legacy for sale

2001 Subaru Legacy for sale

2001 Subaru Legacy for sale


2001 Subaru Legacy  for sale

2001 Subaru Legacy for sale

This Legacy is loaded with features and really drives nice.

Mileage is 120,000, Please call or email for current for more details the asking price is $7295.00

Email Jason@awdautosales.com
Or Call 360 863 0388 to inquire about your next used Subaru


Awd Auto Sales is a Independent Subaru Sales Facility offering great Quality inspected and Serviced Subaru’s for sale, while every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the vehicles we sell all vehicles are sold as is unless other wise stated on the sales contract. 



  1. Scott says:

    How much are you asking for this legacy wagon?

    It would be great if you can post the Model, Mileage and asking price in the title or the beginning of each ad. Saves scrolling back and forth trying to find the relevant info.

    1. JK says:


      $7495.00 as of right now

  2. Dan says:

    Asking price? Thank you.

    1. JK says:

      We are asking $7495. This price reflects the work we have done to it to make it ready to sell.


  3. Dan C says:

    Previous email inquired about asking price.

    This one inquires about the condition of the undercarriage, rust in particular and if the vehicle was undercoated.

    Concern is that the salt in the humid air in the NW and the salt in road applications in general make what would be a nice car looking car from up top be a real no go from down. I’ve already lost one vehicle, a Honda Accord, and am about to loose another one, a Subaru GL WGN 4X4, because of the road salt used in the winter here in the KC, MO area. Thank you for your time.

    1. JK says:

      The Roads are actually not salted here, the roads are sanded but typically only on the passes.

      The vehicle is not subject the rust and corrosion that an East coast or Midwest car would have.


  4. Dan C says:

    Thank you for the candid feedback.

  5. Dan C says:

    What is the real world in one’s face reliability of automatic transmissions for this year/model? I’ve had my ’87 5SP manual GL for 20 of its 25 years, the transmission has ~225,000 on it, and the car can still climb up the sides of buildings if it wanted to. Can one expect the same from this automatic? Thank you.

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