Sep 14

2001 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport For Sale



I get a lot of calls about which Model Subaru to purchase when looking for a used Subaru, which one is the most reliable, best fuel economy, lowest cost of ownership etc.


This is it!

This is a 2nd Generation 2.2l (No head gasket issues here) with a 5 speed.  Still modern enough to fit most lifestyles and one of the best most reliable Subaru models ever built.

We have replaced the timing belt and clutch as well as performing a 65 point inspection on the vehicle.  Unlike most cars you will see for sale, this one is truly ready for its new owner.

The price is $7000.00 and represents the costs involved in preparing the car for sale.  Call (360)863-0388 to set up a time to view this Subaru

AWD Auto Sales a new Independent Subaru Specific Sales Center offering quality inspected Subaru ‘s ready for their next owner.

SOLD!  Congratulations to the new Owner!

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